Mary Cortes, LCSW
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Mary Cortés (Benjamin), MS, MS Ed, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been helping children, couples and families for over 20 years. Since receiving her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Indiana University and her master’s degree from Columbia University in New York City, Mary has worked in a variety of settings to help those impacted by various social, behavioral, developmental and emotional problems. Beginning in the healthcare field, Mary went on to work in the areas of hospice, police social work and higher education. Currently, she works with children in a local school district and has experience working with students from pre-school through college. She is especially interested in helping those impacted by crisis and loss and is the Lead Counselor for a national children’s trauma/bereavement program. She also has extensive experience assisting children and families impacted by autism spectrum disorders, anxiety and other issues that impact a child’s functioning and learning. Mary believes in the power of change and works to promote the skills and environments that support positive personal growth, enhanced functioning and meaningful relationships among couples, families, and peers. Mary also has a master’s degree in education administration from Northern Illinois University. She lives with her family in the Fox Valley area.