1. We believe a child’s social and home environments are essential components for individual success. Hence we focus on assessing, supporting, and strategizing with a child’s parents, daycare, school, or other care givers to provided comprehensive treatment interventions.

2. We believe each child, adolescent, parent, and family system presents with unique needs, strengths, and style. To maximize the benefits of our services, we attempt to individualize therapeutic strategies to accommodate each child’s and parent’s household schedule and routines, personal values, behavior expectations, and goals.

3. We believe a child is more than a “diagnosis” or mere “behavior”. Focusing on strengths and building upon past successes is essential for progress. We identify the key components hindering a child’s success and attempt to develop practical and useful corresponding interventions. We look at the “total” child,
incorporating the impact of environment, development, sensory processing and other complex factors. While we recognize the benefits of utilizing medication as a treatment option, we believe all other strategies, interventions, and supports should first be exhausted.