Racial Equality and Social Justice

We can do better. We must do better.

Riverview Counseling Services will no longer be silently complicit in the acceptance and spread of social injustice and racial inequality in our communities. In these cases, silence is consent. We acknowledge how systemic racism has in the past and in the present hurt people of color while promoting white privilege.


As change starts from within, Riverview promises the following:

We will educate ourselves as individuals.

Self-awareness and self-examination regarding our own privilege and contribution to systemic racism is essential to change. Understanding these concepts and holding ourselves, our friends and neighbors, our schools, our community organizations, and our politicians accountable is a necessary first step.  

We will educate our clinical staff.   

Understanding how a person’s personal experience with discrimination and/or systemic racism intersects with other experiences of social injustice and inequality is essential to the clinical understanding and treatment of the person as a whole.  Throughout the year, Riverview will be hosting staff trainings, workshops, and educational opportunities regrading racial equality and social justice. 

 We will support our community partners.

Self-awareness, while powerful, isn’t enough. Taking action in our own communities to help address, prevent, and improve the hardships caused by systemic racism and social inequality is our goal. Hence, we actively dedicate monetary, social, and volunteer support to the  local agencies already addressing these issues.

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