Just Breathe

Do you ever notice that when our kids are anxious, it tends to make us more anxious?  As we attempt to help them cope, it becomes harder and harder as the anxiety for both creeps higher and higher.

I find it is helpful to catch our kids in the early stages of their anxiety cycle to help slow it down.  This means checking in often with them to find out what is going on and learn about the potential stressors they are facing.  In our house, the easiest and quickest way to handle nerves for my oldest son is physical activity.  I will send him outside if possible.  The physical movement seems to help dispel some of his nervous energy and get him back on track.  Another way I try to ease a nerve-inducing situation, such as a big a game or testing day at school, is to find some humor.  For some reason, both my boys find my dance moves hilarious.  This baffles me because I’m pretty sure I’d make the top-ten of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ (the senior years). Anyway, I’ll put on a crazy song and we will all dance together and this inevitably lightens the mood.

Sometimes, I’d like to take relaxation to a deeper level.  Riverview Counseling Services agrees with this.  They understand that keeping a handle on family stress starts with our children.  They are offering a FREE Parenting Workshop called ‘Just Breathe:  Teaching Your Children Relaxation Techniques‘.  This presentation by Marcie Smith, MS, LCPC, will be held on Thursday, April 23rd, @1:00pm.  It will run for approximately 45 minutes allowing for 15 minutes for questions and answers.  There is a play area for small children available as well.

The focus will be on how to get your kids in a calmer, more relaxed state once they come home from school.  This will help you create an atmosphere in which your children will be more receptive to sharing, and set the stage for a more peaceful evening. You can register by contacting Cheryl Denz at 630/587-3777 x103  or through this link: riveriviewcounselingservices.com

Written By Diana DeVaul, MSW and Parent