Conversation Starters

Parent: Hey! How was school?

Kid: Fine.

Parent: Well tell me about it…what did you do?

Kid: I don’t know. Nothing. (walks away)

Trying to talk to your kids can be frustrating. Painful even. Incorrectly labeling kids as flippant, withdrawn, or disrespectful is common. It’s important to realize, though, that kids often want to interact with their parents but they just think about things differently.

Have you ever really listened to a conversation between kids? It may sound haphazard, silly, or even pointless. It’s not. It’s a window into your child’s brain and an opportunity to connect with them.

If having a conversation with your child seems to be going nowhere, you may want to take a more creative approach. Kids are imaginative, opinionated and thoughtful. So it’s helpful to appeal to these qualities when starting conversations. The typical “how was your day?” approach just won’t cut it. Take a look at these ideas for starting a conversation with your child and enjoy their unique and inspiring responses!