Now Enrolling: Zen Zone

Yoga is a known stress reliever. In addition, there are kid-specific benefits including: reduced anxiety, healthier coping skills, improved concentration, and better school performance. It’s a noncompetitive way to get kids involved in a physical activity and build self-esteem.

But yoga can be a little intimidating if you’re new to the practice. And being still for any period of time might be quite a daunting task for kids. So how can your child take advantage of yoga’s mind and body benefits?

Riverview can help your child get involved in yoga, breathing, guided imagery, and other calming techniques with Zen Zone. This group for grade school kids meets Tuesdays from 4:30-5:15. Call Cheryl at 630.587.3777 to register!

Take time to breathe, stretch, and relax. Namaste!