The Greatest Gift


In case you might have forgotten, you are awesome.  You read that right…you are awesome. How do I know this?  All I have to do is ask your kids.  Kids don’t need perfection from you, they only need you exactly as you are.  If you gave your kids a chance to pick anyone in the world to be their parent, your kids will pick you, hands down, every single time.  Even when you yell at them for no reason they pick you.  Even on the days you forget to pack their school snack, they still pick you.  They will always pick you.

photo_20771_20110729If you think about your own relationships with your parents, chances are, they are not perfect either.  These relationships are filled with ups and downs, and even on the most acrimonious of days, all you want is for your parents to love you and accept you for who you are.  No matter where you go or what you do in life, it would be nice if the people who brought you into this world could love and appreciate you.  If that isn’t possible, you have to learn how to let go of the dream of their approval.  Right now, your kids are still at an age where they don’t know they eventually, someday could walk away from you.  At this exact moment, all they want is your time, love, appreciation and approval.

The good news is, you can give them all these things and more.  This holiday season they may ask for the latest gaming system, but what they really want is your time and attention.  It doesn’t matter how much you get to play a video game if there isn’t anyone to talk to about after it’s over.

You have the greatest gift possible to give them.


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Written by Diana DeVaul, MSW and Parent