Mary Cortes-Benjamin, LCSW


Saint Charles Campus


Let’s face it…life can be difficult or challenging at times. Sometimes we are born with or have inherent parts of ourselves that cause difficulties. Other times, we find ourselves in situations or in relationships with others that are tough to handle. Then there are circumstances that are problematic due to the choices we have made or caused by the way we think about or approach things. No matter the source of our challenges, we all can benefit from support, guidance, and direction.

For 30 years, I have worked in a variety of settings- all focused on helping people through the lifespan. My experience has been in education (early childhood through college), healthcare, law enforcement and crisis/trauma work. I work with individuals, families, adults, and couples…helping people explore and learn how to cope with and make changes. Through these changes, things become more clear, easier and lives are improved.

I have advanced training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, family/systems theory, bereavement facilitation, autism/special needs intervention, behavioral therapy, group facilitation, parenting strategies and crisis/trauma intervention. My approach is supportive and active. Together, I partner with you (and your supports), focusing our work towards achieving your goals.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Indiana University, a Master’s degree of

Science in Social Work from Columbia University and a Master’s degree in Education Leadership from Northern Illinois University. In addition to currently working in K-12 education, I am a national consult and work in emergency services at a local hospital.