A Less Scary Halloween


At first, with Halloween fast approaching, I thought giving some safety guidelines would be helpful.  The more I thought about it, guidelines aren’t really needed.  I’m sure they would be things you have heard a millions times before.  Sometimes, it’s hard to find the balance of safety vs. being overprotective.  In an age of lightning fast information sharing, we hear all the worst-case scenarios of what could happen to our kids in excruciating, endlessly updated detail.  It’s a wonder I even allow my kids out the door for school.  Too much fear leads to less fun.  When I think back to my childhood Halloweens, I didn’t feel frightened about much except that my sister would steal all my favorite candy when I wasn’t looking.  As for my own kids, I feel confident they will have a safe and fun holiday. Even though I feel they will be safe, I’m not yet ready to let them trick-or-treat on their own.  Each situation and child is different so it is up to us to decide what is best.

What happens when you don’t know the right thing to do?  Where do you turn when your emotions seem to cloud that inner voice?   Fear can make it difficult to decipher our next best step as we parent.

The staff of Riverview Counseling Services offers an atmosphere of acceptance to help you figure out a plan when emotions are running high.  If you are currently struggling with any parenting or family issues, please contact Riverview at (630) 587-3777.  We are your go-to resource when you need support and someone to listen.