Behavioral Assessments & Consultations 

Over the course of three sessions, our trained behavior therapists will examine your child’s behavior with the primary purpose of developing a structured home/school behavior plan and concrete parenting strategies.

Behavioral Assessments

Session 1

Parent Only

During the first session, the therapist will meet only with you, the parent(s), to gain further understanding and detail about what you are seeing in the home/school, what you think may be “triggering” some of the behavior, and what strategies you have already tried. We will also obtain a developmental and family history while screening for any sensory processing issues which may be impacting behavior as well.

Session 2

Child/Teen Only


The second session of the assessment process is a meeting with your child/teen only. During this session, the therapist will start to establish a sense of trust and understanding with your child/teen using dialog with older children and play/art interventions with younger children. Through this session the therapist will gain insight into your child/teen’s personality and strengths, developmental and social level, and the child/teen’s own perception of the issue at hand. In addition to meeting with the child/teen, the therapist will also contact any school personnel, physician, therapist, or other third party (if needed and with your permission only) whom you deem as essential to the assessment of your child/teen.


Session 3

Parent Only

During this last part of the assessment process, the therapist will meet back with you to discuss our clinical impressions of your child/teen and give you concrete recommendations and strategies to try in the home/school environment. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to feel like you can effectively manage your home on a daily basis and have the “day-to-day “go smoother for you and you child/teen. At this session, the therapist will also discuss any options for further support, treatment, or testing if needed.

Free Behavioral Consultations

As parenting can sometimes be a difficult and challenging job, we at Riverview Counseling want to offer parents the opportunity to discuss their child’s behavior with a professional at no charge. This confidential 15 minute phone consultation allows parents to identify their child’s or teen’s troublesome behavior and distinguish typical emotional development from other behavior which may require additional support or interventions. If further support is needed, resources will be provided.

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