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Cheryl Denz

Cheryl Denz, LCPC

President & Owner

A licensed clinical professional counselor, Cheryl is also the president and founder of Riverview Counseling Services, Ltd. She obtained her bachelors degree in Art Therapy from Bowling Green State University and earned her Master of Arts degree from University of Illinois, Chicago. Working extensively with children, adolescents, and their families since 1995, Cheryl has previously worked in residential and inpatient psychiatric settings as a primary therapist. She developed, implemented, and coordinated an intensive outpatient program for adolescents with chronic mental health issues and developmental delays and served as Vice President of Clinical Programs and Services for a local pediatric clinic. Cheryl was credentialed as an Early Intervention Behavior Therapist and Evaluator through the state of Illinois, and obtained extensive training and expertise working with children birth to three years of age.

Currently, Cheryl specializes in working with children with blended families, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, sensory processing needs, feeding and sleeping issues, behavior disruptions and noncompliance, general and social anxiety, attachment needs, adoption, selective mutism, and autism spectrum disorder. She also serves as a consultant for multiple local school districts and private schools. Making sure parents have effective tools for managing their homes, Cheryl works with families to set up home behavior plans and training models.

In addition, Cheryl has conducted a multitude of presentations including “Behavior Basics”, “Raising the Special Needs Child and Its Impact on the Marital Relationship”, “Typical Childhood Behavior”, “The Behavioral Aspects of Feeding Disruptions and Disorders”, “Parenting Strategies for Raising Teens”, “Selective Mutism”, “Parenting Basics”, “Socially Anxious Children”, and “Art Therapy and the Grief Process.”
A mother of two, Cheryl understands that implementing practical, concrete parenting interventions is imperative when addressing a child’s emotional and behavioral needs. For the adult population, Cheryl’s clinical focus is on women’s issues, life changes, depression and anxiety, and issues associated with chronic illness and pain