Professional Presentations


Enhancing Skills:Presentations for Professionals

As we genuinely believe in the power of family and personal growth, we are honored to share our knowledge, philosophies, strategies, and treatment interventions with the community around us. Most presentations are offered at no-charge. We have conducted multiple presentations at various community agencies, school districts, parenting functions, teacher trainings, and medical offices.


COMMONPresentation Topics

Child sitting

Early Childhood

  • Childhood issues of feeding, sleeping, and toileting
  • Basic parenting goals and strategies
  • Overlap of sensory processing issues and behavior
  • Underlying motivations of misbehavior and corresponding management
  • Reducing childhood anxiety
Teen smiling

School Age and Adolescents

  • Reducing anxiety in children and teens
  • School Anxiety and avoidance
  • Impact of technology/social media on children and ways to set healthy guidelines
  • Underlying motivations of misbehavior and corresponding management strategies
  • Supporting positive self esteem
  • Building resiliency in children and adolescents
  • Bullying

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