January 5, 2015by admin

As our children grow, they begin to look to us less and less for guidance.  They strive for independence and the acceptance of their peers.  This can be overwhelming for parents.  How do you trust the world enough to support your kids in becoming their best selves?

Riverview Counseling Services offers a wide array of groups for kids of all ages from preschool all the way through high school.  These groups are a great way to have your kids learn the ins and outs of being social in a fun, supervised and safe environment. Groups are facilitated by licensed clinical social workers and counselors.  To make sure your child gets the attention they need, groups are capped at 6 members. If kids are given practice in how to manage their reactions regarding their peers in these groups, they are going to gain confidence in their other interactions as well.  Hopefully, as they gain confidence, it will be easier as parents to send them out into the world.

The groups at Riverview incorporate all sorts of learning and coping techniques in fun and unique ways.  There’s Club Connect which helps boys in 3rd through 5th grade learn to read the social cues of others.  As I watch my boys grow, I know how difficult it is to sometimes teach these cues on my own.  A group like this is ideal in helping them learn what behaviors do and don’t work.  While my boys seem to manage their anxiety levels fairly well, my oldest does have streaks of perfectionism and overachieving running through him.  A group like Zen Zone would be a great fit for him.  It teaches yoga and other calming techniques to help kids manage stress.

I encourage you to click on ‘Our Groups’ tab to learn more.  Growing up can be challenging, finding out that there are others just like you certainly makes it easier.

All groups are billable to insurance.  For questions or to enroll, please contact Cheryl Denz at 630-587-3777 x103.