June 28, 2014by admin

Summer is a time of carefree days for many parents and children. Carefree days do not have to mean no structure in your children’s lives. It is important for children and families to have structure, no matter what the time of year it is. Routines give children a sense of security and help develop self-discipline. Self-discipline allows children to learn how to control themselves and the environment around them. Structure provides a daily framework for the family to use. Offering children routines does not have to be restrictive and inflexible. Offering children routines makes life easier, but at the same time it does leave room for creativity when needed i.e.; stargazing, sleepovers, family parties and staying out late, going to the beach. Providing structure will not only help your children, but also your family. Consistency helps with family expectations, cooperation and provides children and parents something to rely upon.

-Written by Marcie Smith, LCPC