March 16, 2015by admin

As a Gen X woman, I have to admit, I am SLOW on the uptake with technology, texting and social media.  So far, I’ve been able to hold off my boys (ages 8 & 10) from having cell phones or their own social media pages.  I get that we don’t live in a cave and the time will come when I will have to make space for these in our lives.  This thought is completely overwhelming to me.  I know very little about the current lingo or much at all about the scope of pre-teens and tweeners in the social media sphere.

Two helpful resources that I’m sure will come in handy for me in the not-so-distant future are the following:  This website allows you to type in a seemingly encrypted, shorthanded text message and it will automatically be translated into a readable, actual English sentence.  This link will give you access to a comprehensive listing of current text abbreviations.

As for everything else?  I could use some help.  Riverview Counseling Services is offering a FREE presentation on this extremely important topic.  Social Media and the Pre-Teen:  Basic Parent Know-How will cover how to better communicate with your child about texting and social media, as well as offering you a guiding framework to establish necessary safety rules.  Please click on this link ( to register online for this upcoming workshop.  It will be held on Thursday, March 19th, @1:00pm (see how I threw the @ symbol in, I’m very advanced) and will be facilitated by Lara White, MSW, LCSW.  You can also register by calling Chery Denz, MA, LCPC at (630) 587-3777 x103.

Written by Diana DeVaul, MSW and Parent