August 2, 2014by admin

As summer is winding down, sometimes parents run out of ideas to keep the kids entertained.  Below is a list of some ideas that are low cost that can be fun for the whole family. Depending upon the developmental level of your children they may need to be modified to fit your needs.

  • Sometimes local grocery stores, pizza parlors, and bakeries will offer low cost or free tours. The kids a chance to learn how a business works, and how the foods they like are created. Most of these tours will offer some free samples, or coloring books at the end. Many tours will reduce fees if a larger group is attending, check with the neighbors they may be interested also
  • Catching and popping bubbles
  • Sidewalk art with chalk or ice chalk
  • Bike ride
  • Walk the dog
  • Local nature center
  • Paper airplanes
  • Exercise diary
  • Playing in the sprinkler
  • Preparing a meal together
  • Playing a video game together
  • Watching a movie together
  • Going out at night and looking at the night sky. Google sky map is a handy app
  • Reading a book about a country and creating something from that country; it could be a meal, the flag, a game, whatever you want
  • Going for a hike
  • Fishing
  • Cleaning out old toys and donating to a local charity
  • Camping in your backyard

Written by Marcie Smith, LCPC