November 24, 2013by admin

I don’t like football. I don’t understand it and no matter how hard I try, I know it’s just not for me. But I also know that for every televised football game I skip, I miss out on quality time with some of my family’s football fanatics. So I’m willing to compromise. If your family is also divided between football watchers and non-watchers, there are some creative ways to get the whole family involved. offers some good game ideas that kids and parents can play together during football season. Check out the details below:

Quarter Play

You will need a bunch of quarters and a cup. The cup gets passed to each family member in between plays.  If one of the teams does not score during the play, the person with the cup puts a quarter in the cup and then passes it. If any team scores a touch down or field goal, the person holding the cup gets to keep the money in the cup.

Don’t Say Football

Everyone starts out with 10 safety pins. If you hear someone say, ”Football“,  you get one of their pins. The person with the most pins wins! Add a “don’t say word” each quarter for an extra challenge.