February 14, 2014by admin

Everywhere you look there are cute and creative lists about how to say I love you to your child. Like bake them a treat, write a note on their napkin for lunch, send them a card, spell it out in Scrabble letters, etc. These are, of course, adorable and lots of fun.

But sometimes kids just need to hear your sincere words: I love you. It is one of the most comforting things a child (or anyone, for that matter) can hear. Saying it often sets a good example for children to be expressive, grateful, and kind.

Many families use these words daily, but others not so much. For some reason, saying I love you becomes less common as kids become tweens, teenagers, or adults. It may be more difficult to communicate your love openly as kids grow up, but it is still just as important to send that message.

This Valentine’s Day tell your family members you love them. Plain and simple.