October 24, 2016by admin

I hope that you know as a reader of this blog, how much I respect the wisdom you have attained through your life experiences.  Only you can know the right path for you and your family.  There are times when challenges are so great and life is so overwhelming, it is hard to know what to do next.  Here I offer a list of ways to help you uncover some answers.  Or, at least get you started on a path to answers.

  1.  REACH OUT TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS:  These are the people you interact with and rely on the most in your daily life.  This is your starting point.  Most likely this group will be your cheerleaders.  They will be your safe place to vent and will validate you fiercely.  This will help you gain back some confidence if you feel you’ve lost your way.  The only catch is that these are the people who love you so much, they sometimes aren’t able to see things objectively.  This isn’t good or bad, it’s only something to be aware of when asking for guidance from them.  I know firsthand a sister will say you are right 100% of the time, which is nice to hear, but not always ideal when trying to initiate change in your life.  Take in their positivity and use that momentum to keep going.
  2. REACH OUT TO OTHERS WHO HAVE SUCCESSFULLY WALKED YOUR PATH:  This is one of my favorite ways to gain clarity on troubling life issues.  I have two friends that have each raised two grown men, and I love to pick their brains about the pitfalls and triumphs of raising boys.  In social settings, I tend to gravitate to older generations when I have a life dilemma because I love to learn from them.  These are the women who have already raised their families and are now enjoying the rewards of being a grandparent.  They are a wealth of guidance, wisdom and calming reassurance.  They are everywhere: book clubs, exercise classes, at their grandchildren’s sporting events, community events, neighborhood clubs.  These women are always gracious and I have gained some of my best ideas about child-rearing and marriage from them.
  3. REACH OUT TO RIVERVIEW COUNSELING SERVICES:  When it seems like you have been backed into a corner and there is no way out, it might be time to call in some reinforcements.  A simple call to Riverview Counseling Services can be a good first step toward family transformation.  A free 15 minute phone consultation will help determine how Riverview can best help you.  What Riverview provides is much needed objectivity.  I liken it to when you help your child with homework.  For some reason, kids have a hard time listening to our guidance when it comes to their schoolwork.  They can hear the exact same words from their classmates, teacher, tutor or friends, but because they are so emotionally invested in our words, they are unable to listen calmly to us.  Riverview is a safe intermediary for you and your family.  They will bring objectivity to your family’s situation and guide you to a plan to implement positive changes.   To schedule your free phone consultation, please contact Sarah Hitchings at 630-587-3777 x102 or email:

Written by Diana DeVaul, MSW and Parent