Snow Way!

During my oldest son’s formative years, we lived in Wisconsin just outside of Milwaukee.  This meant our summers were short and our winters were long.  He was an extremely active toddler and those winter months cooped up inside were a challenge.  The most logical solution to our cabin fever was to bundle ourselves up and head outside to play in the snow.  I had this small, plastic purple sled that I could pull him on and in theory, race gleefully over the drifts of snow.

The only catch was, he HATED it.  It seems the faster I ran or the more loop-de-loops I executed, he would scream louder and louder.  There was something about the snow that truly upset him.  I was even receiving daily reports from his pre-school teachers that at recess, he would scream and cry instead of join the other snow-loving toddlers in frosty fun.

I was at a loss.  And, with winter lasting longer and longer it seemed, I was about to lose my mind keeping him entertained indoors.  The snow and his energy were relentless.

As a parent, we are often faced with trying to understand the perplexing behaviors of our children.  In this instance, most likely, my son had some sensory integration issues.  It would have been helpful to know this at the time to give me a better understanding.  It wasn’t that he didn’t want to play in the snow, it’s that he couldn’t.

At each developmental stage our children present us with changing behaviors.  If you have any concerns about these behaviors, call Riverview Counseling Services for a behavioral consultation free of charge.  This is a confidential 15 minute consult which helps you know if what your child is experiencing is typical or if extra support or interventions are needed.  If it is determined extra help is needed, resources will be provided.

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By Diana DeVaul, MSW and Parent